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House of Content: A Game Changer in the Arabic Content Industry

House of Content has a vision to leave a strong footprint in the Arabic content industry. We have established ourselves as market leaders by adopting modern practices and crafting special standards and sound methodology that meet the peculiar needs of modern Arabic digital content.

As we expand to new languages, markets, and platforms, we will remain faithful to our roots as the leading Arabic content and Arabic translation provider in Dubai and the GCC region.

How we work

1. House of Content is a thought leader in the Arabic content industry

House of Content extensively publishes academic papers and proposals to enhance the Arabic translation and content industry. Experts from House of Content take part in discussion panels, and offer consultation to academic institutions in specialized programs. An example of House of Content’s papers is the first ever Modern Standard Arabic whitepaper published by House of Content in 2016. The paper attempts to set standards for Modern Standard Arabic and differentiate it from Classical Arabic, something that did not exist before.

2. House of Content shares experience

House of Content has a mission to elevate and improve the Arabic content industry, and believes in industry-wide experience sharing. Therefore, House of Content shares its knowledge, methodology, and standards with the industry.

3. House of Content believes in training and continuous development

Unfortunately, academic institutions in the Arab World are still to offer an efficient and market-driven Arabic translation programs. To fill this gap, House of Content offers induction programs, internships, on-job training, translation technology training, and continuous development programs for Arabic translators and content specialists.

4. House of Content lobbies for better education in the Arabic content sector

House of Content works with partners in Arabic academic institutions to improve and modernize Arabic translation and Arabic content programs. We also lobby international brands and stakeholders and content consumers to push their providers to adopt modern practices in Arabic translation.

5. House of Content works on improving compatibility of translation technology with Arabic language

House of Content has strong ties with market leading translation technology and CAT Tools providers, and it offers beta testing and continuous feedback to these providers to improve the compatibility of their products with the specific requirements of Arabic content and Arabic language.

6. House of Content encourages freelancing as a viable career choice for Arabic content specialists

Unfortunately, Arabic specialists still see freelancing as a source of extra income, or a between-jobs choice. House of Content works on encouraging Arabic language talents to adopt freelancing as a career choice. We offer continuous sources of income, and training on budget management for Arabic freelancers. We also offer market skills and never sign exclusivity offers with our teams.

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