Doing Business in Arabia

Doing Business in Arabia

The GCC region has a unique cultural diversity model, and the challenge goes beyond learning abut the local culture to handling a multicultural workplace. Very few regions around the world offer such a rich cultural experience, where you most likely work next to colleagues from literally every corner in the world.

This exciting reality comes with its own challenges. From high executives to mid-management and teams, everyone needs to know more about local culture, and couple this knowledge with multicultural awareness.

HOC offers a unique and highly effective cultural awareness one-day workshop titled “Doing Business in Arabia”. This interactive workshop prepares new comers and established GCC residents alike a high dose of knowledge and skills on local culture and the multicultural workplace. It is based on our unique knowledge and experience in local culture. The workshop is conducted by Dr. Ali Mohamad, a leading expert on local cultures and traditions pertaining to the Arabic region.

Doing Business in Arabia is a cultural training program designed for expatriates relocating to the GCC region for business. We help you improve your management performance within the GCC context, adapt to a global workplace, and do business with GCC nationals.


 Course Themes

  1. All about the UAE (UAE political and social system)
  2. Bridging the Cultural Gap
  3. The multicultural city - the multicultural workspace
  4. General etiquette in GCC countries
  5. Business etiquette in GCC countries
  6. The Arabic Calendar: Religious holidays and Ramadan
  7. Building (and fixing) your social media image
  8. General Do's and Dont's


Training Language

The course is available in English and Arabic.


Training Material

Handouts and Multimedia.


Course Duration

4 hours over one training session

House of Content is registered at Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC).

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