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HOC New Translator Guide - Part 6 of 7

This part deals with the role of technology in general, and translation technology in particular.


The role of Technology

Technology is increasingly dominating the transcreation scene in almost every language on Earth. Arabic is still far behind in using CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools, which is a bad sign for the industry, but could also be a good sign for people less acquainted with technology. Maintaining the human nature of the industry is one of the very important goals House of Content is set to achieve, but at the same time, we are determined to introduce the latest advances in translation technology into the market. House of Content has its own highly innovative addition to the CAT Tools world, the House of Content online platform, that should be ready for all of you to use in the near future.

Waiting for this House of Content innovation, you need to familiarize yourself with the essentials of this industry. You are all advised to get to know more about TM (Translation Memory), Translation Editors, Glossaries, and Termbases. You may also try the free Google Translator’s Toolkit.

But the role of technology is not limited to CAT Tools. What could be even more important is to know how to use technology to make your job easier. We advise all our talents to know more about all software they may need, including the Office bundle, the most commonly used electronic dictionaries, and the most relevant online services, such as encyclopedias, pronunciation dictionaries, and special search features.

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